Sdp Myrtle Beach

A 9-week discipleship immersion in Myrtle Beach!

SDP is a nine-week opportunity to invest one summer in becoming more like Jesus. The summer will be as challenging and frustrating as it is satisfying. The promise isn't that it will be easy, the promise is that you won't be alone. The other students, your SDP directors and the Spirit of Jesus will be with you.

You will belong to a community that will love, welcome, honor, celebrate, confront and challenge you along the way. We pray that the fruit and the gifts of the Spirit will be cultivated in your life. You'll take risks in areas of your life that seemed impossible and discover that God is with you. You will become more like Jesus. And, our promise to you as SDP directors is that we will give everything we have to help you become the whole person in Christ you are destined to be. We will be accessible, and rather than control you into submission to a program, we will coach you into responding to the present voice of God in your own personal life.

SDP MonroE

A 10-week project for wholistic transformation in the city of Monroe

In the midst of this diverse community, Grace Monroe is seeking to bring the Kingdom in a way that revitalizes the town, reaches families, and impacts the next generation. SDP Monroe is just one piece of a wholistic effort to transform a city.

If you have any questions about this project, contact Gabe at