June 8-29, 2016

Spend 20 days serving alongside a Kosovar non-profit, Kosovo Hope, leading camps for kids, serving families in poverty, and building friendships that will last a lifetime!

With a team made up of all the Grace churches, each year we embark on a journey with them to help lead their summer camp, where hundreds of students spend time learning and growing together through a variety of fun/growth-oriented activities. Some of these students also participate in our exchange program and come to Snellville the following year!  We also serve families living in poverty, working primarily with the next generation that will shape the future of Kosovo as it continues to develop. We eat amazing food, meet amazing people, and travel to amazing locations to know God's heart in a primarily Muslim country!

The first week: Prep for camp, capital city tours

Next Two weeks: Summer Camp as described above

Final Couple of days:  Visit to Albania, Macedonia, and Montenegro!!

Total Cost: $2700-3000 (Don't worry - We will help you fundraise!)

If you are interested in traveling to Kosovo, please contact our City Mission Director, Aaron Gibbs.