As a part of our We Are Grace summer series, our team has picked 10 books that are must reads! These books have deeply impacted our staff and helped us grow as disciples of Jesus. Click on any book below for a link to purchase! 

Top Five

Staff Picks


Danielle Raymond

"I have loved reading The Jesus Story Book Bible to my daughter! This book has such wonderful illustrations and really brings to life the stories of the Bible in a fun and relatable way for children. It is easy to read to small children and it’s a great way to introduce your child to the characters of the Bible. My daughter loves pointing at the beautiful pictures on the pages and already knows some of her Bible characters! She can find Jesus on every page He is on!"


John Raymond

"This book offered me a new perspective on what it means to truly be a disciple of Jesus. The author offers a biblical account of what all is entailed when we say "yes" to be Jesus' disciple way beyond simply initial salvation. It challenged me, inspired me, convicted me, taught me, and lifted the bar for what was possible in this adventure of following Jesus."


Harrison Freemyer

"Translating God is one of my favorites! I love the simplicity and practical tips on how to hear from God personally through the lease of love & relationship. Communication is the basis of all relationships, so to fully engage in a growing relationship with God, we’ve got to learn how to communicate with Him. This book will change your life."


Shelby Frank

"Reaching Out primarily deals with three movements of spiritual life: From loneliness to solitude, from hostility to hospitality, and from illusion to prayer. This book widened my perspective on the way I viewed life and the necessity of God in every moment."


Aaron Gibbs

"This book addresses the fact that much of the charity work Christians do has unintended negative consequences. I appreciate the fact that it honors the intentions of believers to do good, while providing a way forward for doing the most good for those we seek to serve. From thinking about short term mission trips to engaging with those living in poverty, this book has changed the way I live."