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Executive Director Position

We are seeking an individual who will oversee and develop the organization of Grace Athens in a full-time capacity as the Executive Director. The Executive Director position is one that blends leading people, managing budgets, creating marketing language & system structures, executing events & daily operations, and developing the financial & strategic future of the church. You must be able to see and understand big picture systems & vision while implementing and executing down to low-level details. This position will be filled with a highly-skilled, dynamic leader who possess the knowledge and ability to achieve success in all areas of the job. If you are interested in this position, please apply below

Click here for full role Description & Responsibilities


Post-grad Residency

Application Due: May 29th, 2019

Residency Term: Aug. 2019-May 2020

Applicant Requirements: College graduate or post college age (22-25)

Who should apply? Our Residency program is for individuals who are out of college and seeking to further develop ministry skills and looking towards a possible career in full-time ministry. Residents will work as part-time members of our team while holding another part-time job elsewhere. Residents will be given significant opportunities to lead ministries in our church, and are expected to high capacity leaders. All Residents will be engaged in personal and spiritual development alongside their ministry training.


College internship

Application Due: Closed.

Internship Term: March 2019-January 2020

Who should apply? Our Internship is for college-age individuals (18-23) who are skilled in a technical area such as graphic design, music production, photography, social media, etc. (For a full list see application) The purpose of the internship is to give these individuals real-life experience, an opportunity to build a significant portfolio, and training to develop their technical skills, while forming them into whole disciples of Jesus. All interns will be engaged in personal and spiritual development alongside their technical training. Our goal is that interns would learn how to use their skills to bless the world and release the kingdom in every area of life.